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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) When should I prune my plants?

Trim when the pruners are sharp. Dormant time is always best.


2.) When do I water my plants and how much?

Saturate established plants every other week. Newly planted material will require more watering. Weather is the main variable. You need to adjust watering with changes in temperature and moisture conditions.


3.) When is the best time to plant?

Our plants can be planted at any time. Everything is container grown or dug when dormant and stored under irrigation.


4.) What is a perennial?

A perennial is an herbaceous plant that flowers every year. Most die to the ground in the winter and many require periodic division.


5.) What is a deciduous plant?

A leafy plant that drops all its foliage when dormant.


6.) Should I fertilize my plants?

All plants benefit from fertilization. We use slow release osmocote on everything. Some plants may require supplemental nutrients.


7.) How do I plant?

Ohio soils are heavy. Be careful not to plant too deep. A wide shallow hole with organic backfill works best. Place your plant at the existing soil level or higher.

8.) What is this dog yuck in the middle of my mulch?

This is only a fungus which normally appears when temperatures are high. The best way to get rid of it is to physically remove it from the beds.


9.) Which mulch should I use and how deep (thick)?

We have many types of mulch available. We prefer to use shredded hardwood bark. It is bio-degradable and highly organic. Do not allow more than a 3” layer of mulch to accumulate.


10.) What is eating my plants?

Healthy plants are naturally resistant to pests. By following the above guidelines your plants will thrive. Should you have a pest problem, bring a sample to one of our stores and one of our professionals will help you.

Enjoy your plantings! They should serve you as a means of relaxation and calming therapy.