Landscaping Tips & Trends

Three things to do to your landscaping in the spring time:

Every year, as April showers bring May flowers, home owners start to plan what they want their landscape to look like. From vibrant green grass the neighbors are envious of, to flower gardens that put Better Homes and Garden to shame, everyone has high hopes for their landscape. Here are some
suggestions for how to get started on your spring time landscape project.

1. Take a look at what is in your current landscape. Do you have perennials that will regrow this year or were the majority of last year’s plantings annuals that you will need to replant this year? It’s also important to take a look for broken limbs and branches that may need pruned in order to grow back full and healthy!
2. Figure out where the sun shines! Every plant or flower has a particular requirement for sunlight and if not planted with proper exposure, will not flourish. Take a look at shady areas vs sun filled areas and determine what plants need to go in each spot.
3. Weed control! Spring is a great time to begin managing the weeds in your yard and flower beds. Use a product made for home-use and spray crabgrass and weeds regularly (follow the instructions on whichever product you choose) until everything if managed and under control.

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willodellLandscaping Tips & Trends